Top self care tips following a C-Section

jessica morris

Hey it's Jess here, one of the Baboo Box Co-Founders. For quite a long time we have wanted to launch a C-Section box. We thought long and hard about the contents and feel that this caesarian section care box is now the perfect recovery kit.

I had a C-Section and wanted to share my own experience and what helped me the most. After a two day stay in hospital, I was tired and exhausted. The baby really didn't want to make an appearance and so following careful discussion I opted for a C-section. It wasn't a pre-planned decision but it felt like the right path for me at that point in my labour.

When I got home I set up camp in the living room and kept my essentials on a little side table. Many of these essentials are now included in the box.

Before I start though let me tell you about two very important things:

Accepting/asking for help:

This is key and yet something many of us struggle with. If someone offers to help, say YES. Ask them to unload the dishwasher or take out the washing. Don’t worry yourself about the housework, your job is to heal. If your mother in law offers to pop around with a lasagne – take it (even if it's awful)…. And if no-one offers, then don't be afraid to ask them.

The Special C-Section Roll!:

I'll take you through it. Your stomach muscles are now incapacitated, so from a lying down position you need to roll your hips to the side, at the same time taking the weight on your hand and pushing yourself up in a fluid(ish) motion. It does take some practice but it’s the best way to get up for a wee so keep at it!

OK, so now on to the box itself what have we included and why?

Baboo Box Bath Salts: The thought of having a bath is daunting, but as soon as you are ready, throw a big handful of salts under the running water. Then just climb gently in and relax. The salts not only help to clean the wound but also relax your aching muscles.

I have two top tips for you when you get out of the bath. 1) Fold a piece of tissue in half and pat it onto the scar to keep it dry. You need to be gentle with the scar so this is a great way to dry it. 2) Stick a massive sanitary towel across the front of your knickers! Seriously, it will protect and cushion the scar (and/or buy C-Section pants).

Purity Scar Lotion: My scar itched for quite a while (this is good news as it means it’s healing). A small amount of the Purity Scar lotion can be applied gently to help stop the itching and to keep the scar supple – Wait until the scar has started to heal first though (around 3 to 6 weeks).

Myrtle And Maude Bon Bons: Have some throat sweets to hand because a little cough (or even just clearing your throat) feels like you’re about to bust your stitches – trust me on this one. The Myrtle and Maude Bon Bons will definitely help to ease the tickle and save your stitches.

Water bottle: Ask someone to keep this topped up (if you haven’t yet mastered the roll). Drinking lots of water helps to keep the throat lubricated and also keeps you well hydrated which will assist the healing process.

Get up and Glow Tea: All your friends and family will want to speak with you and all you will want to do is sleep (and rightly so). But this caffeine free, Get up and Glow Tea will give you a pick me up, so that you can hold a few (well chosen) conversations.

Spacemask: Once you have a few minutes to yourself, put on the Spacemask. This self heating, lightly scented mask is a great way to relax and unwind and have some much needed self care. 

I hope you enjoy the C-Section care box and find the contents as useful as I did. If you have any thoughts or would like to share what helped you the most after a C-section please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. The more hacks and top tips we can gather the better for everyone. 





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