C-Section Care Package - Caesarean Recovery Gift Box

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c-section recovery gift box
Purity stretch mark lotion part of C section pamper box
spacemask part of the c section gift box
Baboo Box Pink Himalayan Bath Salts for C Section gift box
mints fir c section recovery gift box
postnatal tea c section recovery gift box
c section recovery gift box make up remover
A C-Section is tough on your body. This C-Section care package (put together from our own experience) will make things a little easier for you.
This caesarean section gift box is filled with carefully selected items to help with the healing process and to help you rest and relax. 
  • Baboo Box Himalayan Bath Salts - When you are ready to have a bath, pop a good handful of salts under the running water. These salts will help with healing and to relax your aching muscles.

  • Purity Scar and Stretch Mark Lotion- Once the scar has started to heal, keep it supple with this gentle lotion. It will also help to relieve the itching!

  • Anatomicals Peppermints– These peppermint sweets are great if your medication has made you feel a little queasy. They also ease a tickly throat to stop you from coughing (not nice when you have stitches)!

  • Clean Sponge, Reusable Make Up Remover Pad - Use this with water alone or add a little cleanser to the pad.  Remove your make up from the comfort of the sofa at the end of the day!

  • Mother Natures Recipes, PostNatal Boost Tea and Tea Strainer - Enjoy this delicious, caffeine free tea using the tea strainer, to help promote healing, balance your hormones and reduce stress.

  • Spacemask- Pop this self heating, gently scented spacemask on, for some much needed self care and to help you drift into a peaceful sleep. 

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