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When I became pregnant I had so many preconceptions about how motherhood would be, how wonderful and naturally everything would come to me, specifically about being able to breastfeed. However, when the time came, I went through an incredibly difficult time producing enough milk for my baby. 

I didn’t realise the various processes that affected breastmilk production and I found myself literally on the verge of falling into postpartum depression. I felt incredibly isolated, even with my partner attentively by my side. 

I struggled for what felt like an eternity, trapped by the feeling of failure in my new, oh so important role of mum. I managed to do some research and luckily persevered enough to find the strength to breastfeed my son until he was 2 years old.

After such an ordeal, I began thinking about all the women going through the same or a similar situation on their own. Constantly confronted with how wonderful motherhood is (which it is!) without room for things to not be so effortless, pretty or ‘natural’. I wanted to open up the dialogue around being a mother in order to create a more balanced representation of what it entails, a space for mothers to be authentically themselves and not be judged or guilt tripped for it.

Mother Nature’s Recipes was created to support mums in a more personal, multi-dimensional way and allow mother’s to practice the importance of self-care.

As an avid herbal tea drinker, especially to help me throughout my pregnancies, for the past two years I’ve been tirelessly transitioning MNR from services to products. In a true bid to support mums, I’ve developed a range of herbal loose leaf tisanes (teas), specifically designed to support women through the various stages of motherhood. All of the blends were created alongside a Herbalist to ensure the ingredients used are 100% safe for each stage of motherhood, but also have optimum health benefits for yourself and your babies.

I’m a massive lover of natural remedies and have incorporated them into mine and my family’s everyday lifestyle. So much so, that I’ve gone on to complete a Master Herbalist course online to better my knowledge and create products from a position of knowledge and true understanding

Mother Nature's Recipes produced an Egg Nog inspired tea which we are including in all the Baboo Boxes as a little chocolatey treat on the run up to Easter. You can find out more about Mother Nature's Recipes HERE

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