Five tips to help you build a nest egg for your new baby

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The KidStart and Beanstalk family have given us their five top tips to help you save for your baby (and other children, if you have them) to give them a brighter future. Take a look....


  1. Earn money back on your online purchases

 We launched KidStart over 12 years ago and have helped thousands of families save millions of £ for their children.

KidStart is free to join and lets you earn money back on your online shopping from over 2,300 retailers, including everyone from John Lewis & Partners to eBay to Tesco to Boots. The money you collect is used to top up your children’s savings.

You’ll be surprised how quickly this can add up, regular KidStart users can save up to £250 a year!


  1. Shop second hand

It can cost a fortune when having a baby, with kitting out the nursery, a pram, travel seat, the list goes on. A great way to save money on these purchases is to shop second hand. Shop with eBay through KidStart or take a look at Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace and you might be surprised at the savings you can make on top baby brands.


  1. Open a Beanstalk account

After years of running KidStart we knew the savings market for children was confusing and poor value, which is why we launched Beanstalk*.

Beanstalk is a revolutionary, easy-to-use app-based Junior ISA and ISA. You can open accounts for yourself and your children and manage them all from one login. It’s packed with tools, including KidStart and Round Ups to make your savings go further!

Plus, you don’t need to commit to monthly contributions or pay in a lump sum to open an account, making it friendly to your finances.


  1. Save as a family

 Raising a child takes a village, and we know often grandparents and other family members want to help financially. One of the benefits of both KidStart and Beanstalk is that you can invite family to get involved too! It’s easy for them to contribute through Beanstalk and they can earn money back on their shopping at KidStart too!

Wave goodbye to cash in cards at birthdays and swap toys for top ups to help towards your kid’s future.


  1. Work out a family budget

 There will be a lot of extra expenses to take into account when your baby is born, so we recommend working out a budget. Take a look at your monthly income and work out how much you need for bills, essentials, socialising etc. You’ll then have an idea how much you’ll be able to save for yourself and your kids. Which? have written a guide on how to work out a budget if this is something you’ve never done before.

 We hope these tips will help you with your saving. You can find out more about Beanstalk here and KidStart here!

 *Please note: Capital at risk. Beanstalk is a trading name of KidStart Limited, authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (# 473606).

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