About Us

The founders of Baboo Box Jess and Ruth

So how was Baboo Box created?

It was 4am and the world was asleep, but in a little corner of Canterbury, sisters Ruth and Jess, were wrapped in blankets, drinking tea, trying to get a new-born to sleep and hatching a plan.We had been discussing our pregnancies and how there are sooooo many things to deal with, from morning sickness in the first trimester to heartburn in the third, not to mention the reality of actually taking the baby home! We realised that most of us are totally unprepared for this and what was needed was a survival kit for pregnancy. What better way to receive this, than in four beautifully packaged little boxes, one for each trimester. By 7am the tea was drunk, the baby was asleep and the Baboo Box was born.

What we do?

With Jess's background in beauty therapy, passion for products and obsession with spreadsheets, she is responsible for researching and deciding upon the items in each of the boxes. Ruth's background is in media and sales and so she is responsible for the website content and shouting about the Baboo Box through social media, to media companies and anyone else who will listen! 

What's our ethos?

We wanted to include products that would be really helpful to each trimester and in the process we had to dismiss many products which we loved but just didn't fit. Where possible we have tried to support independent companies and many of the products we have chosen have won mother and baby awards and have been featured in the natural beauty bible. Where we can, we have used recycled and recyclable packaging. We believe that we have come up with four boxes that will truly help you through each stage of your pregnancy (with a little fun thrown in for good measure). 

We hope you enjoy your subscription to the Baboo Box and please sign up to our monthly newsletter, follow us on social media and become part of the Baboo Box community. We would also love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to email us at thebaboobox@gmail.com

Ruth and Jess xx