MotherlyLove introduce their award winning pregnancy and labour massage oil

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All Motherlylove products have been formulated and blended by their founder, Jan. The products are safe and effective for both mother and her unborn baby. Here Jan talks a little bit more about MotherlyLove in her guest post:

I am Jan, to share my expertise as a midwife, clinician and aromatherapist, I
created this range of luxurious Motherlylove products to use at this
exciting time of your life. Over the years I’ve helped thousands of mums and their partners have a positive birthing experience both in hospital and at home and through my experiences I’ve learned that some of the traditional ways still benefit us today. Being a medical professional, I wanted to understand more about how they worked and obtained a BSc (Hons.) in Complementary Therapy.

The Third Trimester Baboo Box includes Motherlylove’s Award winning Due Date Pregnancy and Labour Massage Oil, which you can enjoy using from 34 weeks.

Why Massage in pregnancy and labour?

  • By massaging in pregnancy and labour, partners can give active physical and emotional support. Read the case study on pregnancy and labour massage.
  • Massage during pregnancy is amazingly beneficial, making the pregnancy and labour experience more comfortable.
  • Massage during labour can reduce the level of pain relief needed and relaxation can help shorten your labour.
  • Babies can benefit in their growth and development when anxieties in pregnancy are reduced using aromatherapy massage.
  • Findings have shown if mums-to-be are massaged by their partners they are both less likely to get anti natal depression.

This luxurious pregnancy and labour massage oil contains a blend of omega rich oils which have an amazing warm citrusy fragrance. The citrus revitalises and
refreshes whilst the chamomile soothes tired, over-worked muscles, comforting the emotions and promoting a peaceful nights sleep.

Why do you need to reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy?
Read our blog post: Stress when Pregnant

The benefits of massage in pregnancy:

  • Soothing and comforting – reducing anxieties.
  • Improves circulation – stimulates removal of toxins.
  • Reduces muscular discomfort, tension and fatigue.
  • Promotes peaceful and restful sleep to revitalise you.
  • Gives active physical, loving and caring encouragement.
  • Fragrances – Essential oils to revitalise, refresh body and mind.

The benefits of massage In labour:

  • Shortens your labour and promotes relaxation during labour whilst regulating your breathing. This helps to keep your unborn baby calm.
  • Promote in relief,  the use of pressure points and relaxation can reduce the level of pain during labour, stimulating natural pain killers and endorphins.
  • Helps combat postnatal depression. When mums are massaged by their partners, they are both less likely to be depressed.

All the oils we use are backed by science so that you can have confidence in using our products. Each of our oils is from a specially selected supplier and chosen for its unique properties, then rigorously lab-tested for purity, quality and chemical composition before blending. We have worked hard to get it right, so you can unwind, relax and just enjoy using our blends. The range includes beautiful fragrances to lift your spirits, carrier oils to hydrate and sooth, and constituents to pamper, energise and promote restful sleep. Each and every oil we make is carefully developed with you and your baby’s well-being in mind.

All of our products are free from:
• Parabens
• Mineral Oil
• Silicones
• Phthalates
• Synthetic colours and fragrances

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