10 of our favourite ways to use Coconut Oil

jessica morris

In our Fourth Trimester Box  we have included Kokoso Coconut Oil which many of you have told us you love. However, did you know that there are LOADS of different uses for Coconut Oil. We have outlined our top 10 below:

1. Baby Massage oil- warm it up in your hands and use gentle massage strokes over your babies arms and legs and clockwise circles on the abdomen, around the belly button ( Don’t go anti-clockwise or it can make them constipated!)

2. A Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. Warm the oil in your hands and massage over the face and straight over closed eyes to melt away even the most stubborn eye make-up. Use a damp, hot flannel to wipe away the residue. It is best to follow with a cleanser for your skin type but honestly, when you’re heavily pregnant or have a newborn baby, do what you can! It’s easy enough to do from the comfort of your sofa!

3. It makes a great Body Moisturiser for you or your baby.

4. Use as a Bottom Balm or Nappy Balm for sore or sensitive bottoms.

5. A natural Lip Balm for dry and chapped lips

6. Massage into your babies scalp to help get rid of Cradle Cap.

7. Massage into your own hair and scalp as a Hair Mask, to reduce itchy scalps and tame frizz

8. Use as a Nipple Balm to alleviate sore nipples if breast feeding .

9. Mix with salt and use as a Foot Scrub to remove hard, dry skin on the heels or anywhere else for that matter!

10. Use on any Insect Bites to reduce itching and speed up healing

These are just a few of our favourite ways to use coconut oil but there are probably 100 more uses! Please let us know your favourite uses in the comments. 

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