Meet Harriet the founder of Spacemasks

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In the second of our guest blog posts, Harriet, the founder of Spacemasks tells us a little about how and why she launched her fabulous masks. 

'I launched Spacemasks 2 years ago as I wanted to create something to help us all take some time out of our busy lives. We are all tearing around all day, on our phones, multi-tasking like never before, sleeping fewer hours and generally doing too much!

We have 4 daughters (aged 8-15) and I run Spacemasks from our home in London. Instagram has been an excellent tool to get word out and it is wonderful to receive the zillions of messages from customers saying how much Spacemasks have helped them. So many people suffer from insomnia and anxiety and Spacemasks really seem to help. Whether you struggle to get off to sleep or wake up at 3am, a self heating eye mask really does seem to do the trick. I am a big believer that we can all cope much better with what is thrown at us if we have had a good night’s sleep. We can think more rationally and feel genuinely happier. I’m often asked who my target market is – anyone tired!

With 4 daughters, I remember all too well getting up in the night and then being unable to nod off again, worrying if they’ve had enough milk, fretting about the routine. Spacemasks really help with this. They can also be used when the baby sleeps and are also a superb addition to any hospital bag.

The Spacemask love is spreading far and wide now and has a huge Instagram following. As well as seeing me pottering about, winging it on a daily basis, Spacemasks fans seem to love watching the journey of a small, successful business in its infancy (helped by having two adorable wire-haired Dachshunds always by my side!)

With about 300 stockists worldwide and my website that ships internationally everyday, there is no excuse to have a bad night’s sleep ever again. £15 for a box of 5.

Spacemasks are also available in the Fourth Trimester Baboo Box to help new mums grab a bit of well deserved shut eye. 

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