Third Trimester Box - The Big Push

Baboo Box

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Third Trimester Box - The Big Push


This box is the ideal gift for pregnant women from week 28 onwards and contains:

  • Maternitea - A naturally caffeine free Rooibos and mint tea to keep you relaxed
  • Akamuti Lip Balm - 100% organic and natural product to keep lips hydrated 
  • Wooden massage roller - To roll out the stresses of the day
  • The Little Herb Hut, Wheat bag - Hand made wheat bag, heat it up in the microwave to ease tired muscles or chill in the freezer to soothe swollen feet 
  • SBC Leg Gel - Smooth on to swollen legs and feet to ease aches and reduce swelling
  • Astrology chart voucher - A discount card to purchase a hand crafted baby astrology chart
  • Baboo Box Baby Shower Game - A bit of fun for your baby shower
  • Mocktail card + accessories - To enjoy at the baby shower 

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