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First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Up to week 16

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  • First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Up to week 16
  • Purity stretchmark lotion as part of the first trimester pregnancy gift box
  • First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Up to week 16
  • First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Up to week 16
  • Trouser extenders 1st trimester pregnancy gift box
  • Fruit and Veg pregnancy sheet 1st trimester pregnancy gift box
  • Pregnancy Bingo 1st trimester pregnancy gift box
  • mocktail cards 1st trimester pregnancy gift box
This is the ideal pregnancy gift box from the start of pregnancy onwards. It is great for combatting nausea and contains:
  • Anatomicals Grab Your Melons Body Moisturiser - Pregnancy can really dry the skin.  Intensely moisturise and nourish the skin with this rich melon scented  moisturiser. 
  • Purity Scar and Stretch Mark Lotion- Maintain skin elasticity and keep stretch marks at bay with this beautiful lotion, packed full of gentle, healing oils.

  • Myrtle & Maude Ginger BonBons – These melt in the mouth bonbons are flavoured with ginger and enriched with vitamin B6. The perfect relief during the first trimester. (Linked Blog Post)

  • Trouser Extender– Accommodate your expanding tummy with these handy trouser extenders, no need for a new pair of jeans just yet!
  • Pregnancy Bingo– Cried at an advert? Sick at work? Cross them off for a bit of fun!

  • Fruit and veg stickers- A great way to keep up to date with the size of your growing baby.

  • Mocktail Card + Accessories– A mocktail recipe card with a paper straw and umbrella so you don’t feel left out at the party!

1st Trimester Gift Box Testimonial:

I ordered my best friend the 1st trimester box. The idea of this is so lovely, especially when I’m unable to visit her. It arrived in two days with free delivery which was amazing! She was so pleased with everything that came in the box, I can’t wait to send her the 2nd trimester box soon! Thank you Baboobox xx

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