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Good Bubble is a range of naturally derived and organic toiletries for babies and children. Suitable for newborns and those with sensitive skin, their sulphate-free products are based on superfruits and skin-loving ingredients. Lovely on both the inside and the outside, the Manchester brand is making strides in the babycare industry with their eco-conscious packaging. Last year, they switched to 50% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. And most recently, they launched a gorgeous new Baby range with bottles derived from sugarcane, which offers families an even lower carbon alternative to standard plastic packaging.

Founder of Good Bubble, Amy Wordsworth, shares the story behind building the brand including her woozy moment on Dragons’ Den and how they have grown from a one-woman start-up to securing international expansion and becoming one of the UK’s leading baby ranges.

'I grew up in the personal care industry. My family have a toiletries manufacturing business and I used to spend my summers as a teenager working on the production line, bottling shampoo and other suds. After graduating with a marketing degree, I always thought I would pursue a career in advertising. However, after a stint at a leading London agency on their key health and beauty accounts, it struck me that there was a gap in the baby care market for a fun, skin-friendly and affordable bath product – and that I had the resources to be able to do something about this. So I moved back up North and together with my mum (commercial director) and cousin (cosmetic scientist) we spent a whole year developing the sulphate-free formulations, ensuring they were mild enough for newborn skin and could pass no-tears testing. Children’s illustrator Kristyna Litten created our brand characters Dexter Dragon Fruit and Clara Cloudberry to bring our superfruit ingredients to life and in 2014 I officially launched the range.

Good Bubble is part of the Fourth Trimester Baboo Box

In 2015 I applied for Dragons’ Den after quickly realising that I had drastically underestimated the level of investment it would take to support a new brand. To say it was a rollercoaster in the Den is a bit of an understatement! After about an hour of grilling questions from the panel of dragons under those hot, bright studio lights, I started to feel light-headed and almost fainted. Cue my sweaty face plastered over the trailers for the new series and then aired on national TV to 3.1million people! However, I was determined to get back up because I knew I had more to give in the den. It was shortly after that Deborah Meaden offered her investment and I accepted. So even though I wanted the ground to swallow me up, it was definitely worth getting back up again!

Fast-forward three years and we are now listed with Boots, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, independent health stores and pharmacies across the UK, including some amazing online stores and subscription sites like Baboo Box. We have also secured international distribution to Scandinavia, Malta, Canada, Baltics and the Far East. Deborah is a fantastic partner for us and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. However, there’s so much more I want to do, especially around our greener initiatives and sustainability approach. Watch this space!  

Good Bubble Bubble Bath is available as part of the Fourth Trimester Baboo Box, which is the perfect gift for mum and new baby. Treat yourself (or a friend) and receive a 5% discount using code 'GoodBubble'.

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