Fourth Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - For new mum and baby

Baboo Box

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  • Fourth trimester pregnancy gift box filled with items for a new mum and baby
  • Good Bubble part of the fourth trimester pregnancy gift box
  • Kokoso Coconut Oil part of the 4th trimester pregnancy gift box
  • Fourth Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - For new mum and baby
  • Teething Necklaces 4th trimester pregnancy gift box
  • spacemasks 4th trimester pregnancy gift box
  • Spacemask, part of the fourth trimester pregnancy gift box with items for new mum and baby
  • Baboo Box Himalayan bath salts
  • mocktail card part of the 4th trimester pregnancy gift box
  • alternative milestone cards part of the pregnancy gift box

 This pregnancy gift box box is the ideal gift for Mum and baby and contains:

  • BabooBox Himalayan Bath Salts– Salts are known to help ease tired muscles and repair damaged skin. Put a handful of salts in your bath to speed up recovery post-birth.

  • Kokoso Coconut Oil– This 100% natural and organic oil is a silky body butter, a baby massage oil, a makeup remover and so much more. (Linked Blog Post)

  • Good Bubble Bubble Bath– Suitable for newborns upwards, contains no nasties and is made from 98% naturally derived ingredients. Perfect for your babies sensitive skin. (Linked Blog Post) 

  • Mamas Secret Shop Teething Necklace– These beautiful handmade necklaces are made from food grade silicone beads. Something pretty for mum and handy for a teething baby!

  • Space Mask- This jasmine infused sleep mask heats up once opened to send you off to a deep sleep. Perfect for getting back to sleep after those night feeds.

  • Purity Natural Nipple Cream- A versatile calendula based cream offering relief to breast feeding mums, nourishing for dry lips and soothing for napping rash! 

  • Baboo Box Alternative Milestone Cards– A bit of fun to capture the not so perfect times of having a new baby!

  • Mocktail/Cocktail Card +Accessories– A recipe card that can be alcohol free or add a little Prosecco. The choice is yours. Either way add the umbrella and paper straw!

Fourth Trimester Box Testimonial

I ordered the 4th Trimester Baboo Box for a new mum who'd had a long and difficult delivery, it was just what I wanted to send, treats for her as well as the baby - she thought it was all so lovely that she cried! Everything has been thoughtfully and carefully chosen, all practical but special, and super pretty packaging! Very speedy dispatch too. Will definitely use this company again.

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