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We had such a lovely review of the Baboo Boxes from one of our customers that we decided it was worthy of it's own blog post. Thanks Holly for such great feedback and we hope anyone considering a subscription will find this information useful: 

'I was lucky enough to receive deliveries of all four boxes, and they were such a treat during an at-times pretty grim pregnancy!

I suffered with morning sickness so it was great to receive the first box, which had lots of products targeted at just that.  I was sceptical at first about the GinGin sweets, as I’m not a sweet eater, but they were so intensely gingery that I forgot my nausea each time!  The trouser extenders were essential, and held off the inevitable time when I had to ditch my normal clothes and reach for the elastic waistbands of maternity wear.  I could pretend that I could fit my everyday clothes for a little longer!

 Anti nausea sweets Baboo Box

In the second box, the Night Time tea was a treat, helping me to get some much-needed shut eye. I loved the cute notebook, letting me record the long list of things I needed to buy for the nursery, as well as potential baby names, foods to avoid and appointments.



By the third box I was feeling well and truly pampered.  I was pregnant through the very long and hot summer of 2018, and the cooling leg gel really helped to refresh my tired pins and give me some relief.  The wooden massage roller was put to good use by my husband during the later stages of my pregnancy, and in fact during labour itself! It was lovely to relieve tired muscles.  A friend of mine also received a box and reported that her two year-old loved giving massages to her pregnant mummy with it!

 Soothing leg gel for pregnancy Baboo Box


The fourth trimester box was my favourite, maybe because by then I had made it!  The bath salts got used very quickly. They smelt amazing and made my skin feel soft and pampered, even if I only managed a few minutes in the bath.  I used them alongside the Space Mask, which gently warms to give incredible relaxation. It is hard to truly switch off as a new mum, but with the warmth on my face and the aroma of the bath salts, I well and truly drifted off!

 Space Mask relaxation in pregnancy Baboo Box

My husband made great use of the Kokoso Coconut Oil, using it to give our little one regular massages since the early days.  We still use it five months later, and have had to buy more! I also found that it soothed my dry, chapped hands – taking care of a baby is very manual!

The teething necklace is beautiful, and adds colour to my outfit when I can’t wear other jewellery for fear of baby breaking it.  As little one begins to teethe, the teether is a welcome relief for her, particularly when we are out and about.

I loved the Munchkin White Hot Safety Duck, especially as a new mum who was very nervous to get the bath temperature right.  If you don’t trust your elbow, you can trust this! As an added bonus, the duck is a firm favourite of my little one for bath-time fun!

Being pregnant is magical, but it can also be tiring, stressful and full of unwelcome changes.  The box subscription helps to make women feel appreciated, pampered and loved. I think it’s a great idea.'

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