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Choosing products has been fun, fun, fun. I mean who doesn't love receiving a range of moisturisers to sample, or a selection of teas to sup? The difficult part has been narrowing all these treats down into four boxes that meet the needs of a woman throughout her pregnancy... and not just one pregnant woman... all pregnant women... everywhere (no pressure)!

And so we sniffed moisturisers and Jessica's immensely sensitive nose picked out the one with the least sick making scent. We sucked sweets and weighed wheat bags, we snuggled blankets and rolled massage balls. We bathed in rose infused bath salts and tried on teething necklaces. We called and spoke to manufacturers about the safety of their products in pregnancy, It was a very meticulous process. 

Eventually we narrowed the products down so that each box now contains a solid survival kit for pregnancy. A mix of fabulous products and immensely useful items, combined with a sprinkling of fun. 

We hope you love using the products as much as we loved finding them. We hope receiving and opening the box made you smile and if it did, we really hope that you might recommend us to a friend and spread the joy just a little bit further.

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