The trials and tribulations of morning sickness.

jessica morris

It's a horrible twist of fate that at the same time we experience early pregnancy, we also feel the horrors of morning sickness. It's utterly unfair that whilst dealing with the fact that an actual human being is growing inside us and that we shouldn't drink Gin and Tonics to get us through, we are also hit by nausea! 

There are many myths surrounding morning sickness, the term 'morning' being one of them. I found with my second pregnancy that nausea can hit at any time of day. The Pregnancy Sickness Support group quotes that 85% of women have two episodes per day and 55% have three or more episodes (if you're in that percentage my heart goes out to you). 

Having experienced three pregnancies, each was different in terms of nausea. With the first I was sick every morning, as soon as I woke up, and I mean every morning for the whole nine months! In this instance ginger actually helped. We have included a pack of Gin Gins sweets in the First Trimester Baboo Box. It is recommended to suck 3 to 4 sweets per day and it may take three days before you truly feel the benefits, but fingers crossed this works for you. 

In my second pregnancy I experienced sporadic nausea at random times throughout the day. Fortunately this only lasted for the first three months. Strangely Weetabix with honey and blueberries helped!!! Who knew? Well apparently 50% of nausea in pregnant women is reduced by eating, so maybe give it a go.

My third pregnancy was different again, with mild nausea throughout the morning, which became severe nausea when brushing my teeth!! This was helped by applying an anti sickness balm to the pulse points. Sadly I only found this balm during my third pregnancy. We have included a tin of Mia and Dom Morning Sickness Balm in the First trimester Baboo Box. This is a balm, a bit like a lip balm which you rub under your nose or on your temples (or lips if you prefer) which contains ginger and spearmint essential oils, well known for their anti-nausea properties.

It's also important to keep hydrated, especially if you are vomiting. We have included a lovely Sass and Belle water bottle in the First Trimester Baboo Box. Take the bottle out with you so you can drink throughout the day, we like to infuse lemon or mint through the water for a more refreshing taste. 

If you're experiencing nausea right now, hang in there and we hope that the items in the First Trimester Baboo Box help to give you some relief. 


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