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First Trimester Box - Morning Wellness

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First Trimester Box - Morning Wellness

This box is ideal gift for pregnant women from the start of pregnancy onwards and contains:

  • Sass and Belle water bottle - A lovely water bottle to keep you hydrated
  • GinGins Sweets - To battle the nausea
  • Mia & Dom, Sickness Balm - Sickness balm from an award winning skincare company. For a two pronged attack on morning sickness
  • Trouser Extender - So you can stay in your favourite jeans for a little bit longer
  • Anatomicals 'Not Another Rough Day' Neroli moisturiser - This mildly fragranced body lotion will keep your skin soft and hydrated 
  • Pregnancy Bingo - A bit of fun to keep you smiling
  • Mocktail card + accessories - So you don't feel left out
  • Fruit and veg stickers - A great way to keep up to date with the size of your growing baby 

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