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Confronted for the first time by a brand called Anatomicals with the
strap line and philosophy of WE ONLY WANT YOU FOR YOUR BODY, you
could be forgiven for thinking it was a new cryogenic clinic, maybe an
organ harvesting agency, some kind of ironic take on the old fashioned
strip club, or perhaps a slightly less morbid funeral directors.
On all counts, you’d be wrong, of course. Because as an increasing
number of people know, Anatomicals is fast becoming one of the
country’s and indeed the world’s coolest and most accessible bath and
beauty brands.

It was started just over a decade ago by Paul and Gary Marshall
(bothers and ex-creative ad men), who gave up their well paid jobs of
writing slogans for other people’s products to come up with slogans
for their own products.

Actually, toiletries weren’t the original thought. The company name
and its memorable seven word strap line came along without any
notion of what they would represent or sell. One of the brothers
thought it should have been a clothing company. The other thought it
should be a healthy food company. So instead of washing with one of
their shower gels, applying one of their face masks or moisturising
with one of their soothing lotions you could currently be wearing a pair
of their pants or eating one of their cereal bars. Who knows, maybe
one day soon, you will be.

Smother Superior Body Butter

For the time being though, Anatomicals is and remains a range of
quirky, bold and witty products to make you look, feel and smell better
at a price, even the most recessionary of times won’t make people
want to stop buying them.

Anatomicals currently finds itself in and on retail environments such as and Uban Outfitters to Harvey Nichols and Boots. And along
with this country, the brand is presently expanding throughout Europe
and entering into new and exciting territories around the globe.

Next time you’re in a store or on the latest fashion website, look out for
Anatomicals. It won’t radically change your life. It won’t radically
change your appearance (talking of which Anatomicals and WE ONLY
WANT YOU FOR YOUR BODY could also have been a firm of High Street
plastic surgeons). However, it might just radically change the way you
choose to pamper yourself; not only now and in the near future, but
hopefully forever.

There are two of the fabulous Anatomical products available through Baboo Box. The Smother Superior Body Butter is available through the First Trimester Baboo Box and the Cruisin' for a Snoozin Sleep Mask, available through the Second Trimester Baboo Box. 

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