Our top 5 pregnancy apps...

jessica morris

There are a lot of apps out there for pregnancy and beyond, so many in fact that it can be difficult to know where to start. So here are five of our favourites...

Salitha Meditation App:

Salitha has developed a meditation series to support women through the different phases of pregnancy. The meditations help women relax, connect with their baby and prepare for birth. There is also a necklace with a gem which hangs close to baby and is said to amplify the meditation practice.

Kicks Count App:

This app allows you to log the baby's movements and creates a graph so you can see patterns of regularity 

Oliiki Pregnancy App:

This is from bump and beyond and helps parents find the learning in everyday play. You can start to use this app whilst pregnant and continue when the baby is born. The app gives you an activity a day to do and explains why you are doing it and how it relates to babies future life learning. All the activities are backed up by science. 

The Wonder Weeks App:

Once the baby is born this app tells you what is going on inside your babies head. Each mental development is called a leap and the Wonder Weeks lets you know when each leap is due and what to expect. This app was the voted most popular by Baboo Box followers on social media.

The Dad Pad:

Developed in association with the NHS, this is an essential Guide for new dads offering knowledge and practical skills. We would have included this in the Dadoo Box but it wouldn't fit into the box!!

These are just some of our favourites and those recommended by our followers. Perhaps you have a favourite that isn't on this list - if so pop a note in the comments below. 




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