What to pack in the hospital bag.

jessica morris

Packing the hospital bag is something we all have to consider at some stage. I love how this process is a reflection of the individual in terms of the planning and the execution. This is evidenced by the two different approaches taken by myself and my sister. 

Ruth's experience:

We had planned to have a home birth and so I had half heartedly begun to pack a hospital bag in case of an emergency dash to the hospital.

As it turned out we did have to do an emergency dash as the baby was undiagnosed breach... and she was on her way out! So we arrived at the hospital in an ambulance with our half packed bag. 

Once the baby was settled (and my partner had stopped crying), he went home to pick up some clothes for me to leave the hospital in. The outfit he chose consisted of: A tunic top, which goes over leggings, but he forgot the leggings, which made it an indecently short dress! For my feet he brought Simpsons slippers, which said 'Duff Beer' and featured a drunk Homer. To be fair, he was pretty traumatised by the whole birthing experience... so I let it go. Still perhaps there is something to be said for forward planning.

Jess's experience:

Jess is the sort of person who packs for a holiday at least a week in advance, then unpacks and repacks ten more times! On arrival at the hospital the midwife asked if she was moving in, she had her handbag, baby bag, overnight/labour bag and a snack bag!

Lucky she did, as she ended up staying in for four nights. Unfortunately she forgot about her husband completely, who slept in a chair, in a sweltering hot hospital for four nights without a change of clothes! He did have a pair of swimming shorts though incase they went in the birthing pool. which they didn't!

Ideal Packing List:

For you:

  • Nightwear
  • Sleep mask (you'll thank us for this one, the florescent hospital lights on the ward are not conducive to sleep! Anatomicals sleep mask is available in the Second Trimester Baboo Box)
  • Overnight toiletries bag
  • Phone + charger
  • Water bottle 
  • Lip balm (gas and air can really dry the lips out keep your Akamuti lip butter to hand,  available in the Third Trimester Baboo Box)
  • Comfortable outfit for leaving hospital (loose fitting advisable)
  • Maternity sanitary pads (remember to take big pants to accommodate as the pads are huge)
  • Breast pads (lansiloh recommended)
  • Coconut Oil (for everything! take your make up off, use as a nipple balm, moisturise dry skin to name but a few. Find Kokoso Coconut Oil in the Fourth Trimester Baboo Box)
  • Massager (when your back is aching and you've been in labour for a while get your birth partner to roll the wooden massager over your back for you, found in the third Trimester Baboo Box)

For dad:

  • Comfy change of clothes (in case he needs to stay over)
  • Overnight toiletries bag
  • Blanket
  • Clean pants!
  • Swim shorts (for the birthing pool)
  • Phone


For baby:

  • Sleep suit 
  • Vest
  • Scratch mits
  • Hat
  • Newborn nappies
  • Wipes
  • Bottles and milk (if bottle feeding)
  • Muslins
  • Blanket
  • Car seat (remember you can't leave the hospital with the baby unless you have the car seat!)

We hope this blog was of some help and please let us know in the comments below if there is an essential item you think we have missed! 










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