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So, how’s it going in lockdown? We hope you’re all doing ok. 

I am currently at home with two of the three children, home schooling and working two of my three jobs! We are also doing a loft extension so the house is slightly upside down and the kids are sleeping in a double bed in the same room. Fortunately the two little ones have been getting on well and playing nicely for the first time in their lives! But still, there are times when being with them 24/7 is sending me slightly crazy. 

We have a loose routine which really helps to add some structure to the day. Joe Wicks in the morning followed by schooling for an hour or so, then a bit of down time and lunch. A longish walk with the dog in the woods and then a science type or Lego based activity. Then slob in front of the telly until dinner time.... then BEDTIME for the kids. My favourite part of the day!!! 

I have been using the Down Dog app to do yoga for half an hour every night and following this up with one VERY large glass of wine. And that’s my day!  

What’s your routine? Do you have one? Let us know what’s getting you through? 

Stay safe out there

Ruth x

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