Weird pregnancy cravings...

jessica morris

Do you have any strange pregnancy cravings? It’s such an odd feeling to suddenly crave something that you never used to eat, or suddenly go off something that you love. 

In a restaurant I once ordered chicken livers, which I had always loved. I couldn’t finish them and ended up being sick in a bush (classy I know) on the way home. That was actually how I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t eat chicken livers for many, many years following that incident.

Later on in the same pregnancy I started to crave the smell of Pledge furniture polish and Dettol. It had to be Pledge and it had to be Dettol, no other cleaning products would do. I didn’t even clean with them, I just inhaled them. In supermarkets I would hang out in the cleaning isle so I could satisfy my strange craving and at night I slept with a can of pledge by my bed so that I could have a sniff in the night! I’m sure it’s not medically recommended, but I NEEDED it! 

With my following two pregnancies things were a bit more ‘normal’. I went off coffee (which is unheard of) and I craved fruit. This was super helpful in terms of weight gain, my friend craved sausages and piled on the pounds, whereas I wanted nothing more than to tuck in to a nice juicy watermelon... oh and avocado and mashed banana sandwiches, which incidentally I haven’t eaten since!

There are many theories as to why we crave certain things in pregnancy, some say it could be hormones, others put it down to nutritional deficiencies. Perhaps I just really needed to clean my house before the baby arrived? But really no one is sure why we crave the things we do when we are pregnant.

So whilst the jury is out, I say go for it. If you’re body tells you to eat a greasy sausage sandwich for breakfast go for it and if you too fancy mashed banana and avocado then good on you. You’re growing a human and as far as I’m concerned that means you get to eat what you like (obviously I’m not a doctor or medically trained so don’t take that too literally). 

Tell us your strange pregnancy cravings in the comments below. 

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