Taking time out

jessica morris

I write this sitting by a pool in Palma whilst Daddy is at home with the kids and I am lucky enough to have grabbed a weekend away with friends.

It got me thinking that as parents we often don’t take enough time for ourselves. Now, I’m not saying everyone should be rushing off for a weekend away, but making time for yourself is so important whether that’s a half hour walk each day, an impromptu shopping trip or just heading out for a coffee with a friend. 

Many people feel guilty about making this time but I really believe it does me and my family the world of good. If offers an escape when you’re getting to the end of your rope with the kids, when one more whinge could just tip you over the edge it’s a chance to re-set. 

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and a night away can certainly do that. It certainly makes me appreciate what I have at home and my little family unit. 

Exercise is also great because you can leave the house at boiling point, swim or walk off the frustration and return with a clearer, calmer mindset. 

So take that time for you, book the trip. Trust that your partner can manage without you and that the house won’t fall apart if you give yourself a much needed break. 

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