Third Trimester Box - The Big Push

Baboo Box

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Third trimester Pregnancy Gift Box
Third Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box
Akamuti Lip Balm for pregnancy
SBC Leg Gel for pregnancy
Cocktail Card and accessories for pregnancy
Wheat bag for pregnancy
Wooden roller for pregnancy
MotherlyLove massage oil for pregnancy and labour
This box is the ideal gift for pregnant women from week 28 onwards, it is great for soothing aches and pains and contains:
  • Akamuti Lip Balm– Keep lips soft with this 100% natural lip balm. Top tip: The lips can get very dry due to the gas and air during labour. Make sure you pack this one in your hospital bag.  
  • SBC Leg Gel– This cooling and refreshing gel provides rapid relief to puffy ankles and feet.
  • The Little Herb Hut Wheat bag - Hand made wheat bag, heat it up in the microwave to ease tired muscles or chill in the freezer to soothe swollen feet
  • Motherlylove Massage Oil - Award winning pregnancy and labour massage oil. The relaxing combination of oils soothe the emotions and promote a peaceful nights sleep. 
  • Wooden Massage Roller– ease any aches and pains with this wooden massage roller. Roll it in your hands or under your feet or get someone else to roll it over your back.
  • Astrology Chart Voucher– 15% off a hand crafted, personalised astrology chart from Morris Astrology.
  • Baboo Box Baby Shower Game- A bit of fun for your baby shower!
  • Mocktail Card + Accessories- To enjoy at the baby shower!

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