Second Trimester Box - Well Hello Bump

Baboo Box

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Second Trimester Box - Well Hello Bump


This box is the ideal gift for pregnant women from week 16 onwards and contains:

  • Akamuti Tummy Rub - 100% natural and organic tummy rub to maintain elasticity and keep stretch marks at bay
  • Midwife appointment stickers - To keep track of your midwife appointments
  • Sass and Belle Note Book - To keep track of things you wanted to ask at the midwife appointments!
  • Bra extenders - So you don't have to buy expensive new bras just yet
  • Mocktail card + accessories - Close your eyes and pretend it's the real thing!
  • Night Owl Tea - A relaxing tea to help sleep come more quickly 
  • Sleep Mask - To assist with that good nights sleep (bank it whilst you can!)

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