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IVF and Fertility Care Package

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  • IVF and fertility care gift box from Baboo Box
  • IVF and Fertility Care Package
  • IVF care gift box headache relief
  • IVF care gift box notebook to jot down thoughts
  • IVF care gift box ginger tea to help nausea
  • IVF care gift box pocket positivity cards
  • pocket positivity cards IVF gift box by Baboo Box
  • IVF care gift box arnica gel for injection sites
  • IVF care gift box spacemask for rest and relaxation
  • IVF care gift box cosy socks
  • IVF care gift box by Baboo Box cosy socks
IVF can be a rollercoaster journey. This box is full of useful items to help support your body and ease your journey.
  • SBC Arnica Gel - Arnica is known to help reduce bruising. You can use this gel on the injection site to help soothe the area and reduce swelling and bruising.

  • Pregnacare before Conception- Provides important vitamins and minerals when trying for a baby, including folic acid, plus zinc which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction. 

  • Anatomicals Headache balm– Fluctuations in hormone levels can cause headaches during treatment. Use this handy pocket sized balm on the temples to keep headaches at bay. 

  • Cosy Socks- Hospital appointments can be long and chilly, take these super soft socks with you for cosy feet! 

  • Bearsy and the Boy Positivity Cards - A little pack of cards bursting with positivity!

  • Pukka Three Ginger Tea- Ginger is known to help relieve a sicky tummy! If the medication is making you queasy, take some time out and relax with a cup of ginger tea. 

  • Notebook-A little notebook to write down your thoughts, track your meds or just scribble a picture!
  • Spacemask- Pop this self heating, gently scented spacemask on, for some much needed self care and to help you drift into a peaceful sleep. 

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