The Benefits of Using Magnesium During Pregnancy

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Magnesium is an important mineral that helps to support the body’s functions in many ways. It can aid relaxation and better sleep quality, give relief from muscle tension and leg cramps, reduce tiredness, fatigue and tension headaches and improve mood and anxiety.

The use of topical magnesium is a safe way to absorb magnesium as the skin will only absorb and use what the body needs. It quickly enters the blood and tissues of the body. This could be the use of a spray, gel, lotion or bath flakes.

Your changing body during pregnancy, can greatly affect the quality and duration of your sleep. Not being able to sleep in your usual position, aches and pains, or it could be anxiety and worry keeping you up. Taking time in the evening to soak in a bath with a big handful of magnesium thrown in under hot running water could help you relax and unwind, take pressure off the joints and allow your body to absorb the restorative benefit of magnesium.

Pregnant woman relaxing in bath

Magnesium plays a crucial role in the body to regulate cortisol levels. An imbalance in the body’s level of cortisol can affect the mood, increase anxiety and tension headaches and migraines. Using magnesium could therefore, improve the mood and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Cortisol also has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels. Although studies are still being done, it is
thought that blood sugar swings are one of the main causes of nausea during pregnancy, along with the increased levels of progesterone and oestrogen that come with pregnancy. Using a topical magnesium can have a positive effect on morning sickness by regulating and balancing hormone levels in the body.

Many women suffer from leg cramps during pregnancy, particularly at night time, which can be a symptom of mineral deficiency. Magnesium is a known muscle relaxer. A warm magnesium bath at night time may also help with any other aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

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