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In today’s blog we introduce Petra and Shane, the makers of Sinsir lip balm which is currently part of our Third Trimester Box. Read on to find out how and why they started their family run business. 

SINSIR is a range of natural and organic beauty products created by myself (Petra) and my husband Shane in our home in Mid West Wales. We started creating our own products when we had our children because we wanted to know exactly what we were putting on their skin and really ourselves as well.

SINSIR was established towards the end of 2019 just in time for the Christmas rush. We really enjoyed attending the Christmas fairs last year and are finding it rather strange not being able to attend any this year.

The name SINSIR means Ginger in Welsh. We chose to name our brand SINSIR after our late bulldog Ceri. None of our products actually contain Ginger.

At this moment in time we have four products (in various scents) in our range. The SINSIR range includes lip balms, hand and foot rescue, natural deodorant and body butter. We hope to extend the range in the near future.

SINSIR lip balm in Baboo Box
We manage SINSIR around our two young children (aged 3 and 2) and a third on the way. Shane is a full time plasterer and I’m now a ‘stay at home Mum’. I used to be a teaching assistant in the local Welsh primary school but I was made redundant two and a half years ago.

We count ourselves very lucky to live where we do and love nothing more than going out for walks around the beautiful countryside that surrounds us. Our children keep us very busy and love being outdoors whatever the weather, thank heavens for puddle suits and wellies!

SINSIR lip balm is now part of the Third Trimester Baboo Box. 

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