How meditation can support you through your pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an exciting time, full of joy and transition. Your body is preparing itself for your new-born to arrive. With all these changes, it is important for you to make some conscious changes too. Your hormones and in turn emotions change as your whole body and mind get prepared for a new life. How do you best prepare for this change?

It is firstly important to start listening to your body. This might be a natural thing for you, but for most of us, this is still an unlearned skill. So where do we start when we want to better understand how our body is changing and
what our mind and body needs most?

Meditation is a great way to start listening to your personal needs. It is basically taking a moment off the daily treadmill we all run and taking the time to connect to your true being, to pause and feel what your body is telling you and to connect with everything in and around you. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from getting into a state of burnout by lowering your stress levels ahead of time.

Change can often go hand in hand with stress and that is why self-care is so important before, during and after pregnancy. Stress can prevent you from conceiving and can have a harmful effect on your baby during pregnancy. Science has proven that meditation has a vast array of benefits, such as reducing stress, but also improved mental clarity, being more efficient, reduced anxiety, creating more balance as well as increasing deep and restful sleep.

During pregnancy, meditation helps you to feel more confident, connected to the baby, revitalised and can also calm your emotions. Besides reducing mental stress, it also supports you in coping with physical stress and has been scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure. It can also be useful in treating mild to moderate anxiety as well as depression. These benefits are just a few of the reasons for you to consider creating a meditation habit.

Salitha meditation app

Does starting a meditation practice sound daunting to you? It doesn’t have to be. Silatha's meditation experience was created to support mums in developing a meditation ritual so that the many health benefits and overall positive impact can create lasting results in your life. To support women throughout the phases of pregnancy and empower them with a simple yet effective meditation practice, Silatha, has teamed up with experts Tara Lee and Claire Daniels and together developed a dedicated Pregnancy Meditation Series of 21 different

This meditation programme offers a progressive development whereby each practice has simple elements and is guided so that even beginners can easily find a state of relaxation. The range of meditations supports you throughout your pregnancy, varying from re-energising meditations, connecting with your baby, calming your emotions, to deep relaxation and sleeping meditations. Releasing fear surrounding birth preparation, learning breathing techniques for
birth, during labour and many more.

What makes the Silatha Pregnancy Meditation Series unique is its connection to the pairing gem (for example the Silatha necklace) which acts as both a reminder and amplifier of the meditation practice: every time you meditate you connect to the gem, infusing it with the positive qualities generated during the practice.

Crucially in pregnancy, a gem can act for the mother as a talisman, reminding her of the qualities that she is bringing into her pregnancy.

All of us experience times of stress and challenge, and the great changes during pregnancy can heighten emotions for most of us. Having a gem close, can remind you of all the positive qualities that you feel more aligned with, feel relaxed by and will help you to come back to the positive range of emotions. The necklace is long enough to sit close to the baby radiating the positive vibrations that you
create during the meditation to your baby. It’s important that you choose the meditations that work for you and for the needs that you have. Silatha will support you in going through your pregnancy with more peace of mind and
being more balanced.

Silatha’s Rough Gemstone Necklaces can be purchased here and is complemented with the pregnancy series.
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