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As part of the Dadoo Box launch we have asked our suppliers to write a blog post introducing their business to you. Our research showed that many new dads would love coffee as part of the Dadoo Box. We are really excited to be working with New Kings Coffee, who are supplying their delicious coffee sachets. 

Here Jason Nichols tells us a bit about the company:

Hey Jason, can you tell us a bit about the business? 

New Kings Coffee provides a selection of high quality, single origin, Fairtrade and organic coffees, individually wrapped in coffee bags (like teabags) for freshness, convenience and choice.

Where did the idea for your business come from?

Seeing tea selection boxes at hotels and conferences and wondering why the same didn’t exist for coffee. Then being served coffee in a coffee bag and connecting this idea to the selection box and hey presto! The coffee bags make it so easy to make a decent cup of proper coffee, without the need for a machine or the fuss or mess of other coffee making facilities. And because each bag is individually wrapped, the coffee stays fresh, ready for when you need it. Plus you get to choose what type of coffee you want when you want it – perhaps a strong dark roast in the morning and something a little lighter in the afternoon, or our fabulous Swiss Water decaf?

Why have you sourced Fairtrade and Organic coffee?

Values are important to us and sustaining the planet we live on, whilst also supporting the farmers and producers of our coffee, was one of the first decisions we took when establishing the business. The Fairtrade and Organic associations embody these values and we think consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of both of these schemes. Having met coffee farmers supported by Fairtrade, we’re confident about the benefit it provides. We’re also conscious about our own impact on the planet, hence our coffee bags are 100% biodegradable (containing zero plastic) and we’ve teamed up with a specialist recycling company who take care of the foil wrappers for us.

New Kings Coffe bags - Dadoo Box gift box for new dads

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Starting up a business seems to be a series of hurdles to overcome! Initially, we had the company registration rejected because the business name required ‘royal’ approval! Then we had the ink ‘crack’ on 1500 boxes we had printed for a Christmas hamper company, requiring an urgent reprint. Plus a whole load of daily challenges in between.

What does the future hold for New Kings Coffee?

We’ve got big plans and want to create a coffee bag revolution! We’re currently focussing on our retail offering and have recently listed in Holland & Barrett stores. Then we move on to conquer the coffee world!

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter handle: @newkingscoffee

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