Meet Rebecca, the founder of Thumble Baby Nails.

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Todays 'Meet the Maker' blog post is from Rebecca, the founder of Thumble Baby Nails. This innovative nail file has been specially developed to file babies nails, here Rebecca tells us about how and why she formed her company.  

Baby Nails by Thumble® Baby Care is a company set up and run by a husband and wife team Rebecca and Mark, who are parents to their two young children (aged 4 and 6), from their home office in Ketton, Rutland.

Back in 2013, Rebecca had a light bulb moment when their newborn son and first child was only a few weeks old. Like most new parents they were struggling to care for his sharp teeny tiny nails. Who would have thought that caring for a baby’s nails would be so daunting!? Babies nails grow so fast and can become very sharp and ragged. Our son wriggled a lot so we feared using baby nail clippers on his tiny fingers and toe nails, it became a stressful two-person task just to trim his
nails! Keeping their nails short and smooth is very important to stop them scratching themselves and you. I always felt so guilty and responsible when he’d scratch himself so badly and then I’d feel embarrassed when taking him to baby groups with painful looking scratches on his face.

Whilst sat breastfeeding one day, I thought that this would be an ideal time to try to file his long nails. He’d often breastfeed for long periods of time and this was also a time when he was calm and relaxed. On attempting to cradle him to feed and hold onto a traditional nail file at the same time, I soon realised that this was not going to be possible. What I really needed was a nail file that I didn’t have to hold, something perhaps that I could place over my thumb still leaving my hands free to care for my son.

Thumble for Dadoo Box
The idea for Baby Nails was born and after many iterations we launched in October 2015, a couple of months before we then went on to welcome our daughter into the world. I wanted to create something that not only could the parent file their baby’s nails but they could carry out another task at the same time. The nail file is attached to the wearable part, our Thumble® so you can do this without the worry of dropping the nail file. This allows you to cuddle, feed or even read to your baby whilst filing their nails keeping them happy and relaxed.

Used regularly Baby Nails is all that is needed for continued care of your baby’s nails. It’s been a weird but wonderful journey bringing a new and unique product to market. Prior to this I worked as a specialist Dietitian in the NHS for 15 years, so giving up a career I loved to give something totally different a go was a huge leap of faith but one that I thankfully haven’t gone on to regret!

Last week we were finally granted our patent. We are officially inventors of our novel idea!

Thumble Baby Nails is part of the Dadoo Box. This is a box filled with carefully selected items and makes the perfect gift for a new dad and baby. 

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