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Meet the latest product in the Baboo Box family. The Dew face mist is great for keeping skin refreshed and hydrated and is part of the Third Trimester Baboo Box

Find out more about their lovely products below:

dew is an all-natural personal-care brand with an array of skincare, haircare, and lip-care products.

Dew Face mist for pregnancy


Its origin can be traced back to one thing: silicones. Their presence in so many hair products is what led me to design my own all-natural, silicone-free products that would be easy to use and show actual results. What was most devilish about the silicone hair serums was that they do work, but only temporarily. In the long run, they lead to brittle, suffocated hair. I wanted a product that did what it said on the tin with no sneaky side effects.

That was the start of dew, and from there my appetite for more natural products only grew.


All of our ingredients are 100% natural, but another highlight of dew is our focus on anti-anxiety aromas. 

Many people use their skincare routine as a means of stress-relief, a way to wind down and self-care. Why not enhance that experience? Stress and anxiety are on the rise, why not incorporate a means of relieving that into our everyday routine?

Our products favour natural scents that are known to reduce stress and anxiety. This is why a majority of our range contains rose and orange blossom, but we also have lavender, lemon, neroli and other scents that ease the nerves.


Another important factor to the brand is to only include cruelty-free ingredients. We are against animal-testing and believe being cruelty-free is a must as part of the anti-anxiety experience.

Dew use 100% natural, cruelty free ingredients


Our products are packaged in charming, little fabric pouches. They are highly durable, resistant to wear, and most important, reusable!


Face Mist – in Rose or Orange Blossom

The Face Mist is a great and easy way to quench thirsty skin and boost hydration levels, whilst surrounding yourself in the calming and relaxing aroma of rose or orange blossom. The fragrance comes purely from the floral water and Aloe Vera, there are no added scents and no added colourings.

The mists are specially designed to feel neither heavy on your skin nor cloying in your nose. Light, airy, refreshing—all while hydrating and nourishing your skin for a dewy, healthy-looking glow.

The bottle is compact and handy—easy to pop into your handbag and use whenever you feel the need for a refreshing hydration boost.

The Face Mist has been invaluable for those suffering sudden waves of heat and has also proved to help relieve headaches. 

It can be applied over or under makeup, truly a no-stress product!

You can order the Third Trimester Baboo Box HERE

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