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We are excited to launch a new range of mini boxes, targeting specific pregnancy and hormonal related concerns, each box contains a selection of essential items. 

Mini Pregnancy Bump Gift Box
As you bump starts grow, your skin may need a little extra help. This mini box contains some key essentials to take care of your growing bump. As your skin stretches you may find the bump gets a little itchy! Taking a Himalayan Salt bath can help alleviate this, then keep it moisturised with the scar and
stretch mark cream. The trouser extenders will give you a little extra time in your favourite trousers, whilst the stickers will help you keep track of its progressing size.

Mini Pregnancy Sleep Gift Box
Lavender is known to assist with a good nights’ sleep. This box contains a lavender room spray which you can spritz in your room and above your pillow before bed, a lavender gel to smooth over the skin or massage into the pulse points. Then there's a Night Owl Tea to drink in the evening, containing a blend
of herbs to relax the body and mind, finally a sleep mask to block out the light and take you into a more restful night.

Mini Keep Cool In Pregnancy Gift Box
Swollen feet and ankles? Puffy face and tired eyes? This box has you covered! A cooling leg gel to relieve tired legs and aching feet. A wheat bag to pop in the freezer and lay over any areas of swelling and reduce fatigue, and a cooling gel eye mask to keep in the fridge and place over the eyes.

Mini Pregnancy Aches and Pains Gift Box
Your ligaments are stretching, your centre of gravity is shifting and bump is putting a strain on your back, your knees and your hips! This box contains: Pink Himalayan Bath Salts which contain over 80 different minerals to ease aches and pains when dissolved in a nice warm bath. A beautiful massage oil to help relax your muscles and soothe the mind, with the blend of
mandarin and chamomile essential oils. Finally, a wheat bag to put in the microwave and place on those painful areas.

Mini Postnatal Recovery Gift Box
Labour and a new baby can take its toll. Try this little box of essentials to aid recovery and treat a new mum. The Postnatal Boost tea contains essential vitamins and minerals to lift and support your body, as well as promote healing, hormonal balance and the reduction of stress. The Pink Himalayan Bath Salts have ant-inflammatory properties to help heal the skin. We would recommend
waiting 3-4 weeks after giving birth before having a bath or talk to your midwife. Use the self-heating, scented Spacemask when you go to bed, to send you to a deep and restful, well deserved sleep.

Mini New Dad Gift Box
This little box of essentials is the perfect gift for a new dad. Find all the information you need with the pocket sized Commando Dad guide book! Grab a little caffeine boost with a delicious coffee bag, and smell fresh with a 3 in 1 soap bar. Keep the hand gel in your changing bag for emergencies and use the fun milestone cards to document your days!

Mini Baby Bath Time Gift Box
Make baby bath time fun with this little box of treats. Containing a super bubbly bubble bath that smells delicious, a mould resistant rubber ducky to tell you when the bath is the correct temperature, an easy to use baby nail file to keep those sharp nails under control and a pack of milestone cards to remember your days. 

Check out range of full size boxes HERE

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