Winning awards, it's what we do!

jessica morris

This week has been quite the week at Baboo HQ.

We have been entering awards through twitter to try and raise our profile. Launching the website and putting together the Baboo Boxes has been amazing fun, the feedback from customers has been 100% positive, but now we need to start reaching out to new audiences and entering into awards seemed to be a great way to do that. 

So we entered into two awards this week .... and we won BOTH. 

The #WOW award celebrates both female entrepreneurs and Women In Business. The award is given out each week by leading business woman, Jacqueline Gold CBE who said:

“Baboo Box caters to expectant mothers, providing both goodies and essentials for mothers during pregnancy in the form of one brilliant box for each trimester. Ruth and Jess both bring their own talents to the company, complimenting each other and making this business go from strength to strength. I wish them every success in the future."

What a fabulous award to win. 

The second award was for 'Queen Of Pregnancy Gifts'. Again this is an award for female entrepreneurs and celebrates both the products we offer and the quality of the website. 

This has been a great boost and really helps to raise awareness of the Baboo Box brand. Right, enough self congratulation and back to work!! 

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