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Baboo Box Subscription
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What Does Each Box Contain?

Box 1:

This box is ideal from the start of pregnancy onwards and contains:

  • Sass and Belle water bottle - A lovely water bottle to keep you hydrated
  • GinGins Sweets - To battle the nausea
  • Mia & Dom, Sickness Balm - Sickness balm from an award winning skincare company. 
  • Trouser Extender - So you can stay in your favourite jeans for a little bit longer
  • Anatomicals 'Not Another Rough Day' Neroli moisturiser - A mildly fragranced body lotion to keep your skin soft and hydrated 
  • Pregnancy Bingo - A bit of fun to keep you smiling
  • Mocktail card + accessories - So you don't feel left out
  • Fruit and veg stickers - A great way to keep up to date with the size of your growing baby

Box 2: 

This box is ideal from week 16 onwards and contains:

  • Akamuti Tummy Rub - 100% natural and organic tummy rub to maintain elasticity and keep stretch marks at bay
  • Midwife appointment stickers - To keep track of your midwife appointments
  • Sass and Belle Note Book - To keep track of things you wanted to ask at the midwife appointments!
  • Bra extenders - So you don't have to buy expensive new bras just yet
  • Mocktail card + accessories - Close your eyes and pretend it's the real thing!
  • Night Owl Tea - A relaxing tea, to help sleep come more quickly 
  • Sleep Mask - To assist with that good nights sleep (bank it whilst you can!)

Box 3:

This box is ideal from week 28 onwards and contains:

  • Maternitea - A naturally caffeine free Rooibos and mint tea to keep you relaxed
  • Akamuti Lip Balm - 100% organic and natural product to keep lips hydrated 
  • Wooden massage roller - To roll out the stresses of the day
  • The Little Herb Hut, Wheat bag - Hand made wheat bag, heat up in the microwave to ease tired muscles or chill in the freezer to soothe swollen feet 
  • SBC Leg Gel - Smooth on to swollen legs and feet to ease aches and reduce swelling
  • Astrology chart voucher - A discount card to purchase a hand crafted baby astrology chart
  • Baboo Box Baby Shower Game - A bit of fun for your baby shower
  • Mocktail card + accessories - To enjoy at the baby shower 

Box 4:

This box is for Mum and baby and contains:

  • Made by Coopers, Vanilla and Rose Bath Salts - For a soothing and healing, post birth bath
  • Mamas Secret Shop Teething Necklace - Made from food grade silicone beads. Something pretty for you and handy for a teething baby!
  • Kokoso Coconut Oil - A quick and natural fix for pretty much all your needs. Use for baby massage, to remove makeup and so much more.
  • Baboo Box Alternative Milestone Cards - Just for fun
  • Good Bubble, Bubble Bath - The finest bubble bath from newborn onwards, containing no 'nasties'
  • Munchkin White Hot Safety Duck - Get the right temperature for your baby's bath every time
  • Space Mask - A jasmine infused, heated sleep mask to help you get some well deserved rest
  • Mocktail/ Cocktail card + accessories - For a post birth drink, the choice is yours... but no judgement here!

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